"The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to it's culture."

-Thomas Jefferson

The Cannabis Seed Co. & Nursery

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Washington State Marijuana Connoisseur could be enjoying later this year!

Birth of a Seed

Original Cheese

Cutting straight from

Buddha himself!

Magic Beans

         All sales are by appointment only



All Strains are Limited Release.

​ We may have it next time, we may not.  

We are continually searching for new strains

to breed with so that we can create new 

and exciting blends for the public to enjoy.

All Strains featured are proprietary products.  

The genetics are owned by the designer, and therefore

reproduction (seeding and cloning) is prohibited without permission.

The Cannabis Seed Co. is a wholesale nursery selling only to the Licensed Producers and Processors of Washington State.

Queen Bee's Designs ships their clothing all over the world.  

For Wholesale prices please contact QueenBee@thecannabisseedco.com