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The Cannabis Seed Co. is a cannabis genetics company based in the United States.  Creating medicinal and recreational cannabis designed to be grown and marketed in America, The Cannabis Seed Co. aims to build one of the first major brands emerging from Washington.  A national brand that not only stands for original, consistently premium cannabis but one that is known for it's ethical, moral and sustainable business practices and philanthropic endeavors.

In collaboration with licensed growers selected for their commitment to growing only the highest quality organic cannabis, The Cannabis Seed Co. is announcing the launch of their brand Evolve Marijuana. This collaboration will create a premier American brand, marijuana exclusively created and expertly grown in America. 

​The Cannabis Seed Co. holds their brand, their growers and their products to the highest standard.  Their goal of The Cannabis Seed Co. is to make Evolve the most recognized, preferred and requested brand of recreational marijuana in the country.​


The Cannabis Seed Company in collaboration with selected cannabis producers is creating

a premiere American brand.  

Evolve Marijuana is exclusively created

and expertly grown in America.

The Cannabis Seed Co.

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"The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture."

-Thomas Jefferson

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